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We are thrilled to introduce the VersaClimber to Bend, Oregon, and integrate this exciting workout into our Eastside studio. 


The VersaClimber offers a dynamic, low-impact fitness experience that perfectly complements our Lagree workouts. This addition allows us to provide you with a well-rounded and comprehensive fitness regimen. It's an exhilarating step towards enhancing your fitness journey, and we're eager to share this opportunity with our incredible community. 


Get ready to climb to new heights of strength, endurance, and overall wellness with us!


Q1: What is a VersaClimber?

The VersaClimber is a versatile piece of exercise equipment designed to provide a low-impact, high intensity, vertical cardio workout with resistance training-- it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of burning fat and calories, without putting strain on the joints!


Q2: How does the VersaClimber complement the Lagree workout?


The VersaClimber will add an additional cardiovascular component to your Lagree fitness routine. While Lagree focuses on strength, endurance, and flexibility, the VersaClimber focuses on elevating your heart rate, and enhancing calorie burn.


Combining Lagree and VersaClimber creates a holistic fitness regimen that is most importantly, completely low-impact and therefore safe on your joints and muscles. Together, they offer a well-rounded fitness experience.


Q3: What are the benefits of combining Lagree and VersaClimber?


Combining Lagree and VersaClimber creates a holistic fitness regimen. Lagree strengthens and tones muscles while VersaClimber boosts your cardiovascular health and helps with weight management. Together, they offer a well-rounded fitness experience.


Q4: Is the VersaClimber suitable for all fitness levels?


Yes, the VersaClimber is adjustable to accommodate various fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can tailor your workout intensity to match your capabilities and goals and our expert trainers will help you do it!


Q5: How can I incorporate the VersaClimber into my Lagree routine?


Our team will guide you through seamless workouts that combine Lagree and VersaClimber exercises. These integrated sessions provide a balanced, effective, and time-efficient workout.

Our schedule will now include the following three class types. 

  • MEGAFORMER 50 - The 50-minute full-body Megaformer workout that you know and love!

  • MEGAVERSE 50 - This combination class will feature a heart-pumping 25 minutes of VersaClimbing set to music and dramatic lighting, followed by 25 minutes of strength, endurance, core work and flexibility training on the Megaformer. 

  • VERSACLIMBER 35 - Our 35-minute VersaClimber class will be offered a few times throughout the day and will feature a high-intensity, low-impact efficient cardio workout.


Q6: Will there be additional charges for VersaClimber classes?


The new, MEGAVERSE 50 and VERSACLIMBER 35 classes will be included in your existing membership or class package. There are no extra charges for enjoying this exciting addition to our studio. 


We will also offer VersaClimber only class packs soon!


Q7: When will VersaClimber classes be available at the East Side studio?


We're thrilled to announce that VersaClimber classes will be available on a daily basis starting March 8th, 2024. As we get closer to the date, check our schedule for specific class times.


Q8: How can I learn more about VersaClimber and its benefits?


Please feel free to email, text, or DM your questions, and be sure to try out a class to experience the incredible synergy of Lagree and VersaClimber for yourself!


Q9: Can I bring a friend to try a Lagree and VersaClimber class?


Absolutely! We encourage you to share the Lagree and VersaClimber experience with friends. Check out our member buddy pass options and introduce them to the ultimate fitness combo.



Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know about Lagree and our new VersaClimber classes at the East Side studio!

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